"Twin Turbine – they might be the best live band in NYC. No joke. Scorching guitar, roaring vocals, rampant tunefulness and a relentless, pounding beat. Smart politics and killer songwriting too."

"Coming on like AC/DC with brains or a more British Mike Ness‚ Twin Turbine weld catchy melodies to brutal beats. Lead guitarist Popeck has equal flair for Ron Asheton space-freakout and precise, staccato flights reminiscent of early Jeff Beck. Bassist Jim Dadey and drummer Ed Blomquist barrel along like Frankenstein on creatine."
-- The New York Press

"In a year that saw the NYC underground put out a whole slew of great releases, this could easily be the best of the bunch. Twin Turbine shatters the longstanding myth that loud guitar bands can’t be subtle, poignant or even all that intelligent."
-- Alan Young's review
   of Jolly Green Giant


Live at CBGBs

For over a decade, Twin Turbine dominated New York City's underground rock scene with performances at the city's top clubs including Arlene's Grocery, Brownies, CBGB, Continental, Coney Island High, The Cutting Room, Knitting Factory, LeBarBat, Meow Mix Bar, Stinger Club, The Blu Lounge, The C-Note and The Bitter End.

The band set a high bar with their pounding live shows and the release of their second album, Jolly Green Giant, in 2005. This album, with its intense musicality and catchy melodic hooks, became the standard by which all other unsigned recordings released that year were judged.

It is now 2013 and Twin Turbine is back!! David, Jim and Ed are currently in the war room working on new songs and planning an attack on whatever is left of NYC's lower east side rock scene.

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