September 29, 2008 - Lucid Culture begins its countdown of the alltime 666 best songs with Twin Turbine's Susquehanna. "Darkly intense, backbeat-driven anthem that recasts eastern Pennsylvania as Twin Peaks territory. Frontman Dave Popeck’s eerie, percussive chords as the verse builds to the chorus are a high point in New York rock history. From the album Jolly Green Giant."

December 12, 2005 - Mike Rophone at Emergenza wrote, “TWIN TURBINE is a 3 piece that rocked everybody's socks off. A “no bullshit approach” to simple rock and roll. Stripped, raw and full of guts!”

July 11, 2005 TRIFECTAgram - “Twin Turbine – they might be the best live band in NYC. No joke. Scorching guitar, roaring vocals, rampant tunefulness and a relentless, pounding beat. Smart politics and killer songwriting too.”

October 28, 2005 - Alan Young's review of Jolly Green Giant - "In a year that saw the NYC underground put out a whole slew of great releases, this could easily be the best of the bunch. Twin Turbine shatters the longstanding myth that loud guitar bands can’t be subtle, poignant or even all that intelligent." Read the Full Review

October 6, 2004 - The TRIFECTAgram named TWIN TURBINE’s newest song, Susquehanna, number three in its Unreleased Top 10!! “Relentlessly scorching, unpredictable rock tune with a suprise chorus. Rust belt decay and despair seem to fuel this climactic, pounding anthem.”

February 4, 2004 - The New York Press wrote a review of TWIN TURBINE’s live performance. “Coming on like AC/DC with brains or a more British Mike Ness‚ Twin Turbine weld catchy melodies to brutal beats. Lead guitarist Popeck has equal flair for Ron Asheton space-freakout and precise, staccato flights reminiscent of early Jeff Beck. Bassist Jim Dadey and drummer Ed Blomquist barrel along like Frankenstein on creatine.”