David Popeck
    Guitar, Lead Vocals


    Jim Dadey
    Bass, Backing Vocals


    Ed Blomquist


In August of 1995 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, David Popeck and Jim Dadey formed an all original three-piece rock-n-roll band called The Helicopters. The band played nearly every venue in Pittsburgh including regular shows at The Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, Whiskey Dick’s, Thirsty’s, Sigmund’s Nuthouse and The Electric Banana.

During the two years that the band was in Pennsylvania, they often shared the stage with their good friends, The Blackwells and Robespierre. In 1996, The Helicopters were invited to record a single to be included on a compilation CD titled Stairs to the Closet. It was released by a local record label, AFM Records, Inc., and it got some local radio play. The single chosen for that project was B Movie, a song that would show up later on the band’s first EP.

In September of 1997, David and Jim moved the band to New York City and renamed the group Twin Turbine after a phrase used to describe the intensity of the band’s live performances. Chris Testa was recruited to play drums. In January of 1999, Twin Turbine entered Tin Pan Alley studio to record their first album, Chrome.


Recorded January 1999
Tin Pan Alley, NYC

7 Original Tracks

For over a decade, Twin Turbine dominated New York City's underground rock scene with performances at the city's top clubs including Arlene's Grocery, Brownies, CBGBs, CONTINENTAL, Cutting Room, The Knitting Factory, LeBarBat, Meow Mix Bar, Stinger Club, The Blu Lounge, The C-Note and The Bitter End.

The band set a high bar with their pounding live shows and the release of their second album, Jolly Green Giant, in 2005. This album, with its intense musicality and catchy melodic hooks, became the standard by which all other unsigned recordings released that year were judged.

Jolly Green Giant

Recorded Nov. 2004 through March 2005
Lucid Production, Brooklyn

9 Original Tracks

It is now 2013 and Twin Turbine is back!! David, Jim and Ed are currently in the war room working on new songs and planning an attack on whatever is left of NYC's lower east side rock scene.